A Thanks Giving Heart

November 24, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

Thanksgiving Day… a time of reflection and appreciation… for memories shared from years past as we recall what touched our hearts deeply… as we remember […]

Strands Of Three

October 26, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

It doesn’t take much to realize that greater strength lies in the cord of several strands twined together rather than a single strand alone.  And […]

I Searched

August 10, 2019 ElmiraTelegram 0

We search for fun, happiness, joy, peace and love in many places and in many ways… and sometimes we search in vain… for what we […]

Visions And Voices

July 13, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

Ever have a hunch, a sixth sense about something?  Seems like it guides us to do something positive, or helps us make a decision.  I’ve […]

An Open Book

June 23, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

I love a good book, don’t you?!  You know, the kind you can’t wait to sit down and read… but then can’t bear to close […]

A Peaceful Solitude

June 7, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

We often find peace in a quiet place of rest.  There, alone, unencumbered by life’s trappings, we can meditate and seek the Lord in prayer.  […]