A Thanks Giving Heart

November 24, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

Thanksgiving Day… a time of reflection and appreciation… for memories shared from years past as we recall what touched our hearts deeply… as we remember […]

Give Thanks!

November 24, 2019 Carol Bossard 0

There’s nothing that brightens a dull day more than a bright crimson cardinal sitting on a  lilac branch outside my window.  Very watchful for cats […]

The Quiet Month

November 10, 2019 Carol Bossard 0

Halloween, All Saints Day and my husband’s birthday are all past now.  My birthday is in August, so Kerm and I are the same age […]


November 10, 2019 ElmiraTelegram 2

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of friendship. Especially in the social media age, the concept of friendship has changed… a lot. […]