Letter: Pucci Cares, Can Do Better For Chemung County

There’s truly something to be said about an educator and man like Mr. Pucci.

I knew him as an outspoken English teacher. And when I say outspoken, I mean passionate and using the subject matter as a way to instill very real and true character values into his students. He and the staff at Notre Dame were one of the reasons I decided to volunteer for the US Army after 9/11. I served multiple tours in Iraq which included being in hot zones like Mosul, Fallujah, Baghdad, etc after the initial invasion. I served honorably and was medically retired in 2008.

Being a combat veteran you quickly learn to discern who is genuine and who is not. Mr. Pucci is a man in which I place in the highest regard. He is a man of great character, honor, and integrity. He wouldn’t be running if there wasn’t a problem. Simply put, he cares and I know he can do better for Chemung County than his opponent seeking re election.

John Ungvarsky

Notre Dame Class of 1998

Elmira NY

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