Letter: Sonsire Has The Skills To Serve 7th District

I am writing in support of Christina Sonsire for the Seventh District Seat for the Chemung County Legislature.
I know her as a tireless advocate for the people she represents in her work, as a dedicated and fun soccer coach, and as an excellent mother and friend. Her blog, Chemung County Matters, investigates in-depth the challenges this county faces and she’s not afraid of asking questions and proposing new ideas. She has been both a Republican and a Democrat and nurtures satisfying and respectful relationships with her friends in both parties.
Her grasp of the law, her firsthand knowledge of the county, and her skill in bringing people to work together as teams are unparalleled. We in Chemung County are lucky to have her as a candidate who wants to serve her district and her county.
Our district needs to send their best candidate to the county to work for what is best for us all. I ask that you vote for Christina Sonsire for Chemung County.
Maggie Young
Town of Elmira

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