Tanglewood Accepting Applications To “Treetops Camp”

Do you know a girl aged 9-12 years who loves science? Tanglewood Nature Center is accepting applications for the 13th Meg Lowman Treetops Camp which runs July 29th-August 2nd 2019 from 10am-3pm. Among other science adventures, girls will:

  • grow samples in petri dishes with biochemist Betsy Smith (Elmira College),
  • go mammal sampling with biologist Lynn Gillie (Elmira College),
  • study weather with WETM’s Shelby Clark and check out a real hot air balloon,
  • learn about medical science with veterinarian Emily Duggan (Broadway Animal Hospital),
  • climb into the treetops of Tanglewood with rain forest ecologist Meg Lowman!

According to a release, Tanglewood created the camp with several goals in mind:

  1. To provide strong female mentoring to girls
  2. To introduce the scientific method in various ways throughout the week and teach the young women to use it not only in science but also in other areas of their lives and
  3. To get the girls outdoors and foster an appreciation for our natural world, using Meg Lowman  (www.canopymeg.com) as an example of a successful local woman that has dedicated her life to working for the betterment of the environment.

Campers must fill out an application and be nominated by a teacher/mentor in the community who knows their love of science. Campers may be eligible to receive scholarships that cover lunch and snack each day, and transportation from home to the camp.

All camp application inquiries should be directed to Elaine Spacher, Executive Director.


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