Ithaca Police Save Distraught Woman’s Life

On March 14, 2019 at about 6:24 pm Ithaca Police officers were dispatched to the Cayuga Street parking garage for a report of a female hanging over the railing of the top level.
Officer Hubbell and Officer Byrd were first on scene and sprinted to the top via the stairs where they made contact with the woman. The woman was hanging backwards, head first, and looked to be struggling to hang on. The officers rushed over to her and pulled her back up over the railing. It was determined that the female was distraught over a family issue and was emotionally unstable as a result.
Officers arranged for the female to be transported to a nearby hospital under section 9.41 of the Mental Hygiene Law.
 “I commend Officer Hubbell and Officer Byrd for their heroic efforts,” said Chief Tyler. “Both officers demonstrated quick thinking, courage, and teamwork in a very stressful and dangerous situation, ultimately saving this girl’s life. Congratulations to both officers on a job well done and representing the Ithaca Police Department at the highest level”.

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