State Agencies To Hold Information Session On Elmira High School Cleanup, Additional Work To Begin Soon

The New York State Departments of Environmental Conservation ( DEC ) and Health ( DOH ) as well as Unisys Corporation will be holding an open house format public availability session next week to discuss the ongoing investigation and cleanup work on the Elmira Highs School property. Representatives from all three will be on site to answer questions from members of the community.

The DEC and DOH continue to oversee the situation to ensure a comprehensive and careful cleanup of the former Sperry Remington property and keep the public informed of their progress. The meeting issues scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the Elmira High School Cafeteria.

The agencies have been working with the Elmira City School District to collect soil samples and prepare for continued work during this upcoming summer. The next phase of the cleanup includes a deeper excavation in the area of the northwestern corner of the high school to remove PCB contaminated soil. The contamination that could not be removed during the initial work in 2017 will be excavated to a depth of approximately 20 feet. According to Unisys, an estimated 11,400 tons of contaminated soil will be removed as part of this phase.

Unisys says they will design and implement a cleanup plan for the football field complex in coordination with the school district’s restoration plans. Discussions are underway for planning and scheduling that restoration to meet the needs of the district. In anticipation of this planned cleanup, Unisys says more than 350 soil borings have been completed since July 2018 and more than 800 soil samples have been collected within the athletic complex to define the limits of the planned excavation. Additional sampling is scheduled for early Summer.

The clean up work new the northwestern corner o the school is scheduled to begin at the end of the school year this month. The work will be monitored by the DEC and DOH.

The DEC intends to keep the public informed throughout the cleanup and additional investigation.


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