Reed Secures Grant For Corning-Painted Post Airport

Earlier this week, Rep. Tom Reed announced a $344,700 grant to provide the Town of Erwin Industrial Development Agency with funding to renovate and improve facilities at the Corning-Pained Post Airport.

“We care about ensuring our friends and neighbors have fair access to reliable transportation,” Reed said. “This grant enables the Town of Erwin IDA to fund maintenance projects and ensure the efficiency of airport operations. It is important that we invest in our infrastructure and we are pleased these grants will allow the Corning-Painted Post Airport to continue their high quality of service to the people of the Southern Tier.”

“We appreciate Congressman Reed’s support in these grants, because we have received several over the years for the improvement of the airport,” said CEO of Town of Erwin Industrial Development Agency, Rita McCarthy. “The Town of Erwin Industrial Development Agency acquired the private airport as a general airport grass strip years ago, and these grants have allowed the airport to greatly improve safety there, as well as become a significant economic innovator in the area.”

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) awards Airport Capital Improvement Program Grants (ACIP) through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the planning and development of public-use airports. In December 2018, USDOT awarded $205 million in supplemental funding for infrastructure grants to small airports in 34 states.

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