Committee To Improve Elmira’s Financial Viability To Present Findings August 6th

A committee formed earlier this year to identify ways the City of Elmira and Chemung County can work together and study potential cost saving measure will present their findings next week.

The committee was proposed by Chemung County Executive Christopher Moss in February in the hopes of finding ways to improve the city’s financial viability. The committee was comprised of eight individuals: Chemung County Legislators John Burin, Marty Chalk, Scott Drake, Christina Sonsire, and William McCarthy. Representing the city were Elmira mayor Dan Mandell, City Councilperson Joseph Duffy, and former city Chamberlain David Vanernmark.

“Improving and having a positive working relationship with the City of Elmira is one our our primary goals of my administration,” Moss said. “If the City of Elmira is successful, we are successful as a county.”

“We have spent the past five months examining and analyzing the city’s current fiscal situation wherein we identified several potential cost saving measures and ideas that would benefit not only the city but the community as a whole,” said John Burin, Chairperson of the city-county committee.

“The committee recognizes the challenges Elmira faces, including a tax roll where 38% of the city’s assessed valuation is tax exempt, including important regional assets such as Elmira College, Arnot Ogden Medical Center, and St. Joseph’s Hospital, Elmira Correctional Facility, the Elmira Psychiatric Center, and Clemens Center, the Arnot Art Museum, and numerous schools, churches, and other not-for-profit entities,” said Mayor Mandell. “Each of these assets provides significant economic and quality of life benefits to our entire community, but the impact on taxes is borne by the city residents”

The committee will present its findings to members of City Council, the Chemung County legislature, municipal leaders, and boards as well as the public on August 6th in the Clemens Center’s Mandeville Hall beginning at 7:00pm

Additionally, the report has been released and can be found below:



  1. Just a quick question … why are there no Members on this Committee with the Title of Citizen ? All I see are Honorables , has no one outside of the political world of the City or the County expressed an interest in sitting on this committee?

    • Indeed many have.
      Please note the opening salvo form the Mayor concerning the not for profits in town. He did not share any data showing the community benefits in lieu of taxes. Some certainly provide a service to the community, like hospitals. As for the rest, I dare them show any objective evidence to support that statement. Many not for profits need to consolidate or relocate.
      Aside from that taxes are going up at a county level. Elmira promises to get its finances in place but likely will also raise taxes next year.

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