Arnot School Of Nursing To Offer Associates Degree Program

The Arnot Ogden Medical School of Nursing has announced that the New York State Board of Regents has approved an Associate’s degree program beginning in September of 2019.

The two-year program will take place over four semesters in the fall and winter. The first AOMC Associate degree nursing class will graduate in the Spring of 2021.

With New York State passing the “BSN in Ten” legislation that will go into effect this year, all New York registered nurses will ultimately need to complete four-year degrees in order to stay licensed. Enabling the School of Nursing’s graduates to receive their Associate’s degree will get them one step closer to this standard.

Chief Nursing Officer for Arnot Health, Dr. Sandra McCarthy said, “This is not only an important step for Arnot Health, it is a great moment for the nurses already in our employ and those who will come to us in the future. Offering this degree is a valuable part of our commitment to providing the best nursing care for our community, while also supporting our workforce in professional growth.”

Arnot System Director of Education and the School of Nursing, Dr. Denise Talenti said, “Nursing is one of the most trusted, highly regarded occupations in the nation. Arnot Health feels a responsibility to help those individuals who have chosen to dedicate their lives to the well-being of others. This degree will help us do that.”

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