Social Media Site For Rural America Unveiled

There’s a new social media outlet for rural Americans who enjoy the social media experience yet are looking for an alternative to Facebook, and it’s sprouted right here in Chemung County. The site, was launched on Friday to a select audience but has begun to gain followers from all across the nation already.

The idea came to local resident Chris Sherwood, who also operates this website, one day while particularly frustrated with Facebook.

“I thought there should be a site for country people, and the name ‘Farmbook’ popped into my head. Well as you can imagine that would result in at least a cease and desist order, so I let it go. But the idea wouldn’t go away.”

After a week or two, he decided to proceed with the idea a little at a time.

“I must have gone through at least 25 ideas for a domain name for the site, all of them taken. Eventually “rurlife” was the one I went with. It’s got a modern look to the name, along the same lines of ‘Flickr” or ‘Tumblr’.”

“It’s been quite an undertaking, trying to start a national website as opposed to a local one.”


There are a wide variety of topics discussed on the site, including beekeeping, country music, and farming. And while the site focuses on rural issues and is enjoyed by people with farms of their own, it’s meant to be enjoyed by anyone.

“‘Country’ is a state of mind as much as it is farming and livestock,” Sherwood said. “It’s a way of life anyone can enjoy.”

To sign up for an account, go to 



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