Cuomo, Dems Promise More Gun Legislation

In the wake of this weeks mass shooting at a country themed bar in Thousand Oaks, California, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo promised that he and the newly Democrat led state senate will make considering new gun laws their first priority.

“These acts of senseless violence are occurring with frightening regularity, and yet Washington has resigned itself to doing nothing,” Cuomo said. “‘Thoughts and prayers’ will not prevent another shooting—but action can. Two days ago, Americans made clear that they want a return to reasonable politics. We are resolved to do all we can to uphold that vision, and to make our streets safe as well.”

The Senate has a list of new gun bills proposed earlier this year, however the then Republican majority blocked them. Proposed legislation includes a 10-day waiting period to buy a firearm, a 10-day waiting period to buy a firearm, or even making it a crime if someone fails to “securely store a weapon to prevent injury and death due to use or handling unintended by the person authorized to possess the weapon.”

“We already have the strongest gun safety laws in the nation,” Cuomo added. “And in the upcoming legislative session we will take additional steps to make our laws even stronger to keep our communities safe.”

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  1. And … here we go again ! Cuomo going after the legally owned guns and ther owners . How about enforcing the existing gun Laws on criminals . No , they are charged with possession then plea out to a jaywalking charge or some other ridiculous deal !

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