Sometimes Businesses Deserve To Fail

“Some businesses deserve to fail.”

That’s what I found myself thinking this morning while bagging my own groceries at a local supermarket as employees discussed who’s turn it was to go on break.

Without a doubt, online shopping has affected “brick and mortar” retail locations. But when customers can pay cheaper prices online with free shipping and the same detached customer service, is it any surprise? It certainly won’t be to anyone who has stood in line for that one open cash register or had to interrupt gossiping employees for help.

A little bit goes a long way. But more and more it seems too much for some retailers.

Chris Sherwood

Lowman NY


  1. I totally have to agree with this. After working retail for years it irritates the heck out of me when cashiers are chatting and not paying attention. That was grounds for termination back in my day and it really was not that long ago.

  2. I worked retail part time while the boys were growing up . We were told straight up NOT to leave a customer wandering around looking lost because a sale would be lost as well ! Our manager was a pretty cool guy but it was all about the sale then as now . But it seems making sure employee’s get thier Breaks is more important than making the sale , so this being the case they Do deserve to close !

  3. Between internet competition and increasing wage laws, it really does seem like we would expect management to hold employees to a HIGHER standard.

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