Horseheads Mayor Resigns

Horseheads Village Mayor Louise McIntosh has announced she is stepping down from her position effective at noon today.

In an executive session at last night’s village board meeting, concerns were raised about McIntosh’s job performance. McIntosh submitted her resignation to the board, telling local media today that she felt without the board’s support, she wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished.

McIntosh has served as mayor for nearly four years, sworn into office on December 7, 2015 replacing mayor Don Ziegler.

The Village Manager position is also vacant as former manager Brad Lytle retired earlier this year.


  1. Too often politics comes with personality clashes, cliques and egos.

    The focus should be on what’s best for the people and community on local and national levels and we might be able to get things done. Just my opinion.

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