County Legislature Passes 3% Pay Hike

image courtesy of Christina SonsireĀ 

In a regularly scheduled meeting last night, the Chemung County Legislature passed a resolution offering a 3% pay raise for county legislators by a vote of 10-5.

Legislators who voted against the resolution were Peggy Woodard, Rick Madl, Marty Chalk, Bill Fairchild, and Paul Collins.

Madl stated before the vote that he had voted against the pay raise every time it had come before the legislature, and to vote differently now would be inconsistent. Ken Miller, who will be replaced by legislator-elect Mark Margeson, cited the amount of time that legislators spend going to meetings as well as phone calls and other duties that cause time away from their families.

“If another county isn’t paying their legislators properly,” Miller added, “That doesn’t mean that our county shouldn’t.”

Members of the legislature are currently paid $15,790.00. With the 3% raise in effect that will increase to $16,264.00. Leaders of the majority and minority will receive a $500 salary increase, or $18,833.00, and the legislature chairman will now make $39,032.00, an increase of $1,147.00


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  1. Now we will see how much smoke the newly elected members were blowing. They should try to reverse this. Of course the 4th district legislator voted in favor of it, if he has his voting privileges back.

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