Moss Cuts County Salaries

Making good on a campaign promise, newly elected Chemung County Executive Chris Moss has cut not only his own salary but the salaries of several other appointed department heads as well.

Moss and Deputy County Executive David Sheen each took a 15% reduction in salary as follows:

County Executive 2018 salary: $166,273

County Executive 2019 salary: $141,332

Deputy County Executive 2018 salary: $145,188

Deputy County Executive 2019 salary: $123,410

Other department heads took a 10% salary cut:

Budget Director:

2018 salary: $127,358

2019 salary: $114,623

Director of Aviation:

2018 salary: $124,728

2019 salary: $112,256

Information Technology:

2018 salary: $102,620

2019 salary: $92,358

Commissioner of Human Service:

2018 salary: $122,135

2019 salary: $109,922

Commissioner of Public Works:

2018 salary: $130,382

2019 salary: $117,344

The only appointee to see a salary increase will be the Director of Public information, whose say will increase from $56,586 in 2018 to $72,925.

Moss said he will announce his appointees at Monday’s County Legislature meeting. Moss said when looking at making these cuts a comprehensive comparative analysis was conducted using information provided by the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC). Salaries for other single rate positions will be reviewed before the 2020 budget.



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