County Legislature Discusses Appointments And Salary Changes

At the County Legislature Personnel Committee meeting last night, several appointments by newly elected County Executive Chris Moss were discussed as well as salary changes.

In addition to previous salary cuts reported by, several resolutions were proposed naming appointees to various county boards and roles. This included:

  • Naming Michael Collins, Ernest Hartman, Randy Reid and G. Thomas Tranter, Jr. to the Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board
  • Donald W. Zeigler to the Chemung County Sewer District No. 1 Administrative Board
  • Ronald Panosian, Henry M. Dalyrmple, Mary Jo Yunis, Robert L. Lewis to the Chemung County Planning Board
  • Mark Watts to the Chemung County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board
  • David Boor, Joel Klose, Thomas Rhodes and Richard Gunderman to the Chemung County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors
  • Rodney Strange to the Southern Tier Economic Growth (STEG) Project Review Committee

7th District Legislator Christina Sonsire moved to table the appointments and salary changes until the legislature’s February 11th meeting, stating she felt there should be supporting documentation as to the appointees’ qualifications. Sonsire also said the proposed salary changes lacked the necessary data for the board to make a decision on.

“I’m not saying I’m necessarily I’m opposed to the reductions,” Sonsire said. “Cost saving measures are a good thing…but these are peoples’ livelihoods. These are really important matters that, I think we owe it to these county employees that have worked for along time for our county, to really dig in deep and make sure we’re getting it right.”

Michael Smith, representing the county’s 14th District, said its important that the positions be filled, but also that the committee should give County Executive Moss the information that they are requesting.

Personnel Committee Chairman Martin Chalk acknowledged what he called “a split” among the legislature and concluded the meeting by asking that background information on the appointees be provided as soon as possible. Chalk said it would be helpful in preparing for the vote to approve the appointees and salary changes.

The Personnel Committee approved all the appointments and salary changes, but also asked that Moss provide more information before a final vote at the legislative meeting on January 14th.

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