Letter: Margeson Will Make An Excellent Representative

I wanted to take moment to share my support for Mark Margeson who is running for legislative seat in the district 5, representing the Town Erin and Town of Horseheads.

When I heard that Mark was running for this seat I took the time meet him, talk to him and share my own concerns for the district and county in general.  I was very impressed with his professionalism & integrity.  I found him friendly and personable with a passion and dedication for the county and the folks in district 5 he wishes to represent.
I also attended a few local political fundraising events in the area and spoke with several of our current county representatives and found that Margeson had been diligently attending legislative sessions for the past year  to watch, learn and ask questions so that if elected he could hit the ground running.
I personally feel that district 5 has not been adequately represented the past few years and I feel confident that Mark Margeson will be an excellent representative for the residents of the district.
Karen Keenan
Erin NY

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