My Lenten Focus

March 9, 2019 Linda Roorda 1

During the season of Lent, we tend to reflect a little more intently on Christ’s mission and sacrifice for us.  Since He gave so much […]

Ode To A King

February 2, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

Analogies give us a glimpse of similarities and truths of a story tucked within a story.  Thinking about this concept after my poem was written […]

I’ll Be There

January 16, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

Some of us know the depths of depression and despondency.  Some of us know the lack of physical healing or the pain of incurable disease.  […]

Journey Of Life

January 1, 2019 Linda Roorda 0

Life is a journey… a different path for each of us, and never what we might envision the future to be when we’re young, standing […]

Christmas Joy!

December 1, 2018 Linda Roorda 0

I had a big disappointment as a kid one Christmas, but kept it a secret all these years.  I’ve never forgotten the Christmas when I […]

Dancing Embers

November 8, 2018 Linda Roorda 0

Watching a fire burning in the fireplace is mesmerizing.  The dancing flames seem to take on a life all their own, swaying as if in […]


October 11, 2018 Linda Roorda 0

It seems we often want our way regardless of how anyone else feels.  That old “give-and-take” attitude I remember growing up with seems to be […]